• A sappy note about 2015

    A blog post about feelings, by Sara Jean Stevens.

    Last January I became a mom, and have been lucky enough to not have to choose between my career and raising my baby. I stay home with her during the week, and have been booked nearly every weekend this year. I never thought starting out in this industry that I would primarily be a wedding stylist, but holy crap I feel like I've won the lottery. I still book other jobs....haircuts, special events, commericals, headshots, etc. But my bread and butter this year, for the first time, has been weddings.

    I've met other stylists who simply can't understand how I am able to "deal with brides" on a weekly basis. Honestly, I USE THE SECRET. Just kidding, but there must be something about my site that attracts the raddest, funniest, most down to earth babes. I'm also on a bridal team for the amazing Nika Vaughan, and the brides she sends me are also the best. Between the weddings I book on my own, and the ones that come through Nika, I am in no shortage of totally intellegent, pleasant women (and the occasional men) to style. That makes all the difference!

    (Disclaimer: I DO, in fact, use The Secret to find good parking spots and to keep Trump supporters from contacting me about bookings. It's been very successful on both fronts.)

    Yesterday's wedding was so fun, and my last for the year. Being with a bride and her best friends (and sisters, moms, aunties and anyone else she deems worthy), is like getting a 5 hour peek into someone's inner circle and having a sleepover at their college dorm. This is who these women really are. They dance to "Fergalicious" with champagne in hand at 10am. The squeal over everything and anything. They recount old shenanigans and keep each other snorting with laughter the entire time. One bridal party even just sat and watched Wimbledon. Not my bag, but they were being their true, authentic selves. I don't just put tennis on for "fun". You have to be INTO it to watch it. Get it, girls. 

    So here's to you, sweet brides of 2015. You put your trust in me, and in turn I got to shed a tear with your moms while I did their makeup, talking about what it really means to have a daughter. Your crazy best friends pulled me into your inside jokes, and you had me laughing the whole time. You make this job awesome. You are comedians, actors, doctors, bartenders, yoga teachers, lawyers, musicians, PR babes, moms, secret rappers, and you identify all across the beautiful rainbow spectrum of gender and sexuality. Because of your weddings, I am able to be a stay at home mom AND a working mom. I have it all, thanks to you.

    Let's do it all again in 2016. (But not you, 2015 brides. I hope none of you have another wedding next year, and that you all live happily ever after with the person you just married.)

    xox sj