• Leave the cruelty out of my makeup, thanks.

    Over the last few years I've made a conscious effort to limit, and eliminate, products in my kit that are tested on animals. There is absolutely no reason to support companies who test on bunnies and other furry creatures. At first it was a tad daunting, and I thought for sure I'd never find professional quality products. But over time I've really been able to find some gems!

    I know in the grand scheme of things I'm only one person, and maybe taking a stand in this way won't really affect the big picture. But sure does feel good to know I'm supporting companies who care, and that some poor beagle didn't have to suffer to get the composition of my favorite mascara right.

    Here's a link to Peta's list of cruelty free companies. Plug in some of the brands you currently use and you might be suprised.

    Also, a video about some of the absolute garbage that is allowed into beauty products in the United States. Gah! Get it together! There's no need for this! If everyone did a little digging around and slowly started switching up their products to include ones that are a little more "conscious", then maybe it would start to add up. 

    Ah, to dream...