• Life with Enzo Milano

    As most of my friends know, I am proud (and lucky) to do work with a company called Enzo Milano. They're pretty much the inventor of the clipless curling iron, or curling "wand". For the last year or so I've had a blast flying all over the country and working trade shows for them. 

    In the last few months they've asked me to be their Chicago Educator! Woohoo! So, if any of you want to book me to come into your salon, or teach a class for a small group, feel free to email me!! I am so proud to work for a family owned company who takes care and pride in making the best styling tools I've ever used... And that's not just some car salesman pitch. I'm a terrible salesperson, actually. That's a testament to how good these irons are.  

    Here's a picture of some of my amazing Enzo family in New York a few weeks ago: