• Lady Crew

    Ladies, ladies, ladies....   I just love working on an all-female crew sometimes! By the end of the shoot it's like a little band of sisters. 

    Last week I collaborated with photographer Petya Shalamanova, wardrobe stylist Lana McAllistar, and model Lisa Noll, from Agency Galatea. Petya and I wanted Lisa for her gorgeous, long hair and soft (yet striking) facial features. 

    I had had a big long sabbatical over the winter due to shoulder surgery, and this was my first shoot back. Yayyyy!!! Finally!! Check out some of the behind the scenes photos I snapped... I love braiding, and Lisa's hair was PERFECT. It pretty much did whatever I asked it to. 

    I would love to put my bizarre braiding skills to use on a show like, maybe, Game Of Thrones? Just throwing that one out there....     :)